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Love in June

I first heard Bob Copper sing this song. He collected
it from George Fosbury of Axford, Hampshire and
augmented it with words from Alfred Williams's
“Folk Songs from the Upper Thames.“ Bob Copper
& Alfred Williams are both heroes of mine, and I love
this song. It was always one of my daughter Catherine's
bedtime favorites, thus the name I use in the song.

The Song

I'll harness my horses & follow the plough
While darling Miss Catherine is milking her cow.

So let it come early late or soon
I will enjoy my love in June.

Oh love I will carry thy sweet milking pail
Oh love I will kiss you at every stile.

Oh the roses are red & the violets are blue
Carnations are sweet love & so are you.

'Twas Down in the valley, the valley so sweet
I will pick some plain roses to keep my love sweet.

Oh I'll go and cut down that old myrtle tree
And build up a bower for my Catherine and me.